6 ways to think like a profitable casino player

6 ways to think like a profitable casino player

So, do you want to become a pro gambler? Do you know what you need to do to get started?

You need a bankroll and you need to know which games to play and which ones to avoid. But you also need to know some of the tricks and secrets used by professional casino players.

I’ve compiled a list of seven tricks professional casino players use to get you started. Some of these tricks will help you play with the lowest possible house edge, while others can help you eliminate the house edge entirely and play profitably.


Video poker machines are not popular with most casino players, but professional players know all about them. They know that video poker machines can offer players a terrible casino edge or one of the lowest casino edge. This is all based on video poker strategy , pay tables and game variations.

The good news is that with just a little bit of learning and practice, you can easily identify the machines with the lowest casino edge and easily use the best strategy to maintain the casino edge.

When you combine a low casino edge with games, coupons and / or bonuses, you may be playing without an overall casino edge.

Start exploring video poker options, pay tables and strategies to start taking advantage of good opportunities, just like the pros do.


The only thing most players know about card counting is watching the Rain Man movie . But the account in the film is not portrayed as it actually works. You don’t need to memorize every card you play.

Many professional gamblers use card counting to play with advantage during the game. You can learn how to count cards and start using your new casino skill in a short amount of time. If you work hard, you can learn to count well enough to play in the casino in less than a week.

Even if you only work on it for an hour a day, you can count cards to gain an advantage in a month or less. Read a few articles on card counting in blackjack to get started.


If you play online games, you are probably familiar with bonus offers . Online casinos encourage players to register and deposit by offering bonuses on their deposits.

This is smart marketing because it gives players more options to play and most players lose anyway. But smart gamblers know how to take advantage of online bonus offers and use them to make a profit.

You must read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer because some of them are so restrictive that you cannot make a profit. But some of them are not so strict and give you the opportunity to earn more than you lose.


If you don’t like online gambling, you will not be able to take advantage of the bonuses, as I described in the last section. But you can use other methods to compensate for your losses.

When you play at a land-based casino, you can often find a reward program, coupons, and special contests that you can take part in.

The comps program is usually as simple as registering for free and getting a map. Once you get a card, just use it when you play. The casino tracks your play with your card and you earn free games.

Look for coupons in local newspapers and online. You can also ask the player’s club if they have coupons. Every time you can use a coupon, you have a better chance of winning.

Many land-based casinos run special promotions offering the opportunity to win extra money and / or prizes. Some contests are free to enter, while others require a certain amount of playing time. Look for casino promotions and contests wherever you play.

When you find it, read all the rules to find out how to qualify and what you can win.


Most casino players don’t think of poker as a casino game, but smart players know that this is one of the few games where you can win more than you lose using your skills.

Popular poker games like Texas Hold’em are available at most casinos and if you improve your skills you can win money by playing. You need to learn to play better than most of your opponents, but there is a lot of information about poker strategy in books and articles on the Internet to help you get started.

Poker casinos make money by charging rake from most hands, but once you learn to play well enough to overcome the rake, you can consistently make a profit at the poker tables.

You can also find private poker games that can be quite profitable when you cannot get into a poker room or casino. Once you learn how to play well, ask around if you can find any local games. Be careful where you play because in many areas private poker games are technically illegal.


Many different casino games have progressive jackpots, the most common of which are slot machines. You probably also know that casino games, and especially slot machines, are designed to take money away from you.

But one thing you may not be aware of is that when there is a progressive jackpot in a casino game, it can go up so high that it negates the overall advantage of the casino. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, many professional players take advantage of it and play for a chance to hit the big jackpot.

Track the progressive jackpot where you play, and when one of them hits more than the normal amount, consider learning more about the game it is tied to. Figure out the normal casino edge and see if there is any information on how high the jackpot has to climb to overcome that edge.